Our Lexington Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Plan to Provide the Care You Need

It is a fact of life that we all grow older. Though it is not something one may want to think about, our lives will change as we age. The older population has unique needs and may require assistance to keep up with daily chores and routines. Health and mobility are often top concerns, in addition to worries about how finances will last to meet these growing needs. Whether an unexpected health change has left you or a loved one suddenly in need of skilled care or you are simply planning for the future, the legal team at Stratton & Reynolds, LLC, can help. Don’t hesitate to call our office at (803) 358-7214 to have your questions answered today.

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law is an area of the law that focuses on the issues of the aging. An effective elder law attorney understands the unique challenges that face this population and is prepared to explain, discuss and plan for each specific situation. Many elder law cases can become complicated, as they involve planning for the financial and medical future of an individual in a variety of potential situations. Additionally, government programs often play a role in elder care. As a result, only a true elder law attorney is prepared to offer the soundest advice in the areas of:

Our team strives to find the best setting for each client—where you can receive the level of care you need, in the most comfortable environment possible, while retaining the most of your assets.

Financial Planning Ensures Continuity and Quality of Care in South Carolina

Many clients call our office because they are worried about the cost of nursing home care. It is a valid concern. Resources are finite, and no one should have to worry if their needs will be met when they may or may not be able to make sound decisions for themselves. However, with careful planning, we can protect your assets and ensure a safe and solid future. A comprehensive care plan with the proper documents can preserve and protect assets as much as possible, leaving all the necessary funds for care and ensuring a lasting legacy. When you work with Stratton & Reynolds, LLC, you can expect focused, compassionate planning to create a comprehensive plan for the future.


Though it is best to plan these things well before the time comes, our team is also prepared to help ease the transition if a major event has dictated a sudden change for you or a loved one. Perhaps your family member has had a heart attack or stroke, leaving them needing more care than family alone can provide. What now? The team at Stratton & Reynolds, LLC, can answer your questions and quickly get your family started down the path to find the best, most effective care for your loved one. We will work with you to:

  • Determine your family’s needs and goals
  • Form a financial plan
  • File appropriate documents
  • Coordinate benefit providers

Whether you are looking to your own future or need help now to protect your loved one, our compassionate and experienced team can help.

Our Experienced Team Coordinates Government Programs for the Greatest Benefits

One unique aspect of elder law is the role of government programs. Many people in the aging population can take advantage of federal healthcare programs. We work with our clients to determine if they are eligible to take advantage of these programs and work to preserve that eligibility. Without an intimate understanding of the system, valuable resources can be lost. The most common programs we work with are:

  • Veterans Affairs benefits. You’ve served our country, and now they can serve you. Our knowledge of the VA system ensures you receive the benefits you have earned when you need them most. The government benefit system can be complex, and our team has experience with Veterans Affairs we can put to work for you.
  • Medicaid. Your assets do not have to be a hurdle to receiving benefits to improve your care. With the proper documents in place, you can protect your assets and still be eligible for the necessary care and treatment interventions the government can provide.

Elder law addresses the unique and often complicated needs of the elderly, offering peace of mind and support to make life’s changes easier and less stressful for the whole family. Whether you are thinking about your own future or you need help now with a parent or other family member, the elder law attorneys at Stratton & Reynolds, LLC, can answer your questions and help you form a comprehensive plan for the future. Call our office at (803) 358-7214 or take a moment to fill out the contact form on our website today to get started with our experienced team.