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Estate Planning

For so long, you have worked at a job or your own business, cultivating a successful career and a loving family. Focus on the future may have been limited to next year or even next week. However, it is important to consider what will happen when you are no longer able to make decisions about your own health, finances, or business. Life is unpredictable. Having a plan already in place can ease some of the worries in these stressful situations. Though it can be difficult and emotional, it is important to put a plan in place today.

How Estate Planning Now Can Avoid Future Heartache For Your Loved Ones

Devising a plan before a need arises can help families save time and money, while avoiding disputes during emotional moments. With a plan already in place, it is possible that families can:

  • Avoid probate. Estates can end up in probate for years. With the right planning, it is possible to avoid probate entirely.
  • Preserve family relationships. All too often, when there is no clear plan, surviving family members argue over the assets. A comprehensive estate plan can preserve relationships.
  • Protect assets. Proper planning can protect the estate from taxes, creditors, and probate costs, preserving your resources for your loved ones.

There are several distinct elements in a solid estate plan, including trusts, powers of attorney, and a will. If you own a family business there are some additional considerations. Every situation is unique, and each estate plan designed by the team at Stratton & Reynolds, LLC, is formulated with the specific needs and goals of the client in mind.

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