Medicaid & Skilled Nursing Care in SC

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Medicaid and Skilled Nursing Care in South Carolina

  The worry about paying for skilled nursing care is no doubt one of the most stressful things about aging. If you or a loved one are a South Carolina resident and a US citizen in need of skilled nursing care, there may be assistance available through the Healthy Connections Medicaid Program to pay for skilled nursing care in a skilled nursing facility. One of Medicaid’s many programs is its Nursing Home program. To qualify, an applicant needs to meet certain financial and medical criteria. These criteria include certain income criteria as well as having assets valued at no more than a certain amount. This amount is subject to change over time with changes in state laws.

Medicaid is a program administered jointly by the state and federal government. This means that while laws are similar from one state to another, there can be some variations from state to state. In South Carolina, an applicant must be a state resident and a U.S. Citizen to qualify for South Carolina’s Medicaid Program. You will also often be asked to provide a significant number of financial records for several years leading up to the application. 

Applying for Medicaid is a time-consuming process that requires strict adherence to Medicaid’s application guidelines. There are changes to regulations including the so called “look back period” from time to time. Although not everyone is able to qualify for Medicaid, we’ve been able to help many clients who believed they would not qualify for Medicaid obtain coverage. It is never too soon to start planning for this need. It is important to consult an attorney with expertise in South Carolina Medicaid law. At Stratton and Reynolds we pride ourselves on staying abreast of legislative revisions.