Learn More About Why Every Estate and Business in South Carolina Should Have a Legal Plan

Do you have concerns about your estate, your business, or what will happen to you or your loved ones in the future? Our team has posted blogs addressing what clients can expect from us, how South Carolina law affects estate planning and probate, and insight into other key elder law issues.

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  • Beneficiary Designations and Your Estate Plan When updating your estate plan, you should review the beneficiary designations on your accounts. If not updated, these can wreck your plan.
  • Are Your Accounts Too Secure? It is important to plan ahead to make managing your affairs as smooth as possible for your family members. Remember to keep your passwords updated just in case.
  • Guardianship and Special Needs Children Do you have a child with special needs that is getting close to 18 or recently turned 18? Learn about guardianship for children in South Carolina.
  • Advanced Estate Planning Techniques Tired of cookie-cutter estate planning documents? Want to know how wealthy people plan their estates so their inheritances last for generations? Learn more here
  • Don't Sell the House! Concerned that long term nursing home care may consume all of your assets? We can help preserve assets, but first of all, don't sell the house!
  • Joint Bank Accounts Considering adding a child or loved one as a joint account holder in South Carolina to help you manage things? Avoid family feuds by considering other options.
  • Transitioning a Business in South Carolina For small to medium sized business owners, understanding how to pass a business to family members or employees can be a confusing process. We can help.
  • What are guardianships and conservatorships Here is a short guide for anyone wondering what the difference is between a guardianship and a conservatorship and how the process works in South Carolina
  • How are your assets titled Understand why it is so important to have assets titled correctly in South Carolina and how failing to do so can wreck your estate plan
  • Do I need a power of attorney Understand what a financial power of attorney is and why it can be so important to have one in South Carolina.